You can’t expect to have a successful night out without properly pregaming first. At Skylanes, we provide all the materials you need to kick the night off right for you and ya bois, with everything from VIP lounges to full bottle service and more.

We like to think of ourselves as something like experts on the topic of making the most of Phoenix nightlife, so we put together today’s post in order to help all you brosefs out there. Here are your seven steps to successful pregaming before hitting up your favorite Scottsdale Clubs. High five, bro!

  1. Roll Into Skylanes in Old Town Scottsdale

Alright, we’re going to be real with you. Your place is lame. Your friend’s place is weak sauce. You can’t have an epic night from your couch. Pregaming should start at a sick place that people love — Skylanes. We recommend scheduling a private event so you and your crew can pregame properly without interference. We’ve got private bowling lanes, a full bar, VIP lounges and bottle service. Plus, you can order some bomb food and prepare yourself for an amazing night of drinking and nightlife.

  1. If You’re Supposed to Be There at 10, Show Up at 10:30

Don’t be the first guy to show up to a pregaming event. Ever. It’s called fashionably late for a reason. Roll in a solid 30 to 45 minutes after the start time ready to party and get the night lit.

  1. Grab a Drink Immediately

If you’ve been there for 10 seconds and still don’t have a drink in your hand, you’re not doing it right. Starting out with a chaser is a great idea because you’re ready for anything. And no, soda doesn’t count, dude. Get something cheap and — Get. To. Work.

  1. Grab Prime Real Estate

There are good spots and bad spots. Corner yourself some prime real estate where you can order drinks easily, scope out the talent and avoid the one dude in your crew that doesn’t take personal hygiene seriously enough. We all know that guy. And if you don’t — you’re him —  just a heads up.

  1. Order Shots

It’s not called pregaming by accident. You are here to get the night started right. You can’t roll into your favorite Scottsdale clubs completely sober. That’s bush league. Order a shot, take it, then order another one. Scratch that. Order three at once. Now we’re talking.

  1. Decide Where You’re Going Afterwards

Not having a plan of action is a huge mistake. Have at least an idea of where you’re going to hit up after you leave Skylanes (assuming you don’t just decide to chill in this awesome place forever (The Dude style). Best to do this before you get too much of a buzz. This will help prevent losing your one friend who goes all Doug from Hangover on you.

  1. Lose Your Inhibitions

This is it. You’ve got a solid buzz on and you’re ready to make the most of the great Phoenix nightlife ahead of you. Let nothing ruin this moment and go have a night you’ll never forget! Unless you just can’t remember parts of it, in that case, well done. We’re proud of you, bro. No, we’re not crying. You’re crying!

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For an epic night out in the Phoenix area, be sure to stop by and check out Skylanes. We offer VIP lounges, bottle service and so much more. Just know that we’re not your grandpa’s bowling alley. If you’re looking to pregame before hitting Scottsdale clubs, do it right and come see us!