There are a few things in life you simply must experience at least once. And bottle service is one of those things. Nothing says “I’m a big a$$ balla” like rolling into your own VIP lounge and ordering bottle service like it’s an expectation — not an event (even though it totally is).

One of the worst parts of enjoying Phoenix nightlife is waiting in lines, elbowing your way to the bar just to get a drink and clinging to the sliver of space left in the club for you and your boys. So why deal with any of that at all?!

At Skylanes in Scottsdale, we’re not your traditional bowling alley. We are THE spot to pregame before you hit up Scottsdale clubs downtown. We offer both VIP lounges and bottle service, which are sure to turn just another night out into a legendary experience you won’t forget.

And in case you’re not convinced bottle service is worth it, check out these five awesome advantages to bottle service in Scottsdale.

  1. Impress Your Friends

Remember that embarrassing story that none of your friends ever let you forget and can’t wait to share it with anybody who will listen? Yeah, well tell them you’re all going out and getting the VIP treatment with bottle service. Treating your friends to the life of luxury should shut them up and immediately elevate your standing in their minds.

  1. Skip the Bar Lines

Burrowing your way up to the bar only to get ignored by the bartender in favor of a much prettier girl is a frustrating experience. But guess what? With bottle service, everything you need comes to you. No lines. When you get a VIP lounge with us, we mean V.I.P.

  1. Attract the Right Company

Oh, yeah, remember that much prettier girl we mentioned earlier? Well, when you and your bros roll into a VIP lounge with bottle service, you suddenly just became a whole lot more noticeable to the right kind of people. Catch our drift?

  1. Meet New People

With bottle service and a VIP lounge, you suddenly just vaulted into another level of status. Just think who you might meet. You have the best drinks, the best spot and the best company. Striking up a conversation shouldn’t be too hard at that point.

  1. Get Delicious Drinks

With bottle service, you’ll never have to spend half the night waiting at the bar again. No more getting bumped into or spilling of your cocktails. With a bevy of mixer choices and various liquors at your disposal, you get to decide for yourself just how strong the drinks are made.

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For an epic night out in the Phoenix area, be sure to stop by and check out Skylanes. We offer VIP lounges, bottle service and so much more. Just know that we’re not your grandpa’s bowling alley. If you’re looking to take pregaming seriously before hitting the Scottsdale clubs, do it right and come see us!