Pregaming, when done right, is an art form. You can’t hit up the Phoenix nightlife and Scottsdale clubs completely sober and expect to have an epic night with your boys. You also can’t get trashed before the real fun even begins. Nah, brah, that’s weak sauce.

Respect the pregame. Do it right. And never, ever break these 10 Commandments of Pregaming. Please open your bro bible to page four and repeat after us. You may now kneel or be seated.

  1. Thou Shall Not Be Greedy

If your buddy buys the first round of drinks, grab the second. Don’t be a moocher and let everybody else purchase your beverages without reciprocation. This is a cardinal sin. Spread the wealth and never be greedy.

  1. Thou Shall Not Refuse Bottle Service

Bottle service is a gift from above. Never refuse such a blessing in the eyes of brodam. Split in 15 ways if you must, or just buy it yourself if you can. Your brothers will never forget. You are a saint.

  1. Thou Shall Not Ignore Music

This is the soundtrack to your life. What are you gonna play? K-Pop?! We think not. Set the tone for the night and request the tunes you and your bros love. Neglecting the sick beats is unholy and unacceptable.

  1. Thou Shall Not Forget to Eat

How are you gonna enjoy the Scottsdale clubs if you’re toasted after a couple of drinks? Rookie moves like that will never allow you to enjoy the fruits of Phoenix nightlife, so never forget to eat. Food is just as much a part of pregaming as drinking.

  1. Thou Shall Not Be A Buzzkill

This is your sanctuary. Your escape. Forget about the stress of life and the real world. The only time that matters is now, so live it to the fullest. Buzzkills will not be tolerated. As it says in Stinson’s 201: “When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead.”

  1. Thou Shall Not Abandon Your Wingman

You never, never leave your wingman. Ever. He’s counting on you. This is a target-rich environment and you’re his support.

  1. Thou Shall Not Look Slovenly

Don’t roll up in sweatpants and a stained T-shirt. Take your pregaming duties seriously and show some respect. If the need should strike, never fear to suit up!

  1. Thou Shall Not Sit Out Of Games

Pregaming is about having fun and preparing for a legendary night. Games are a part of the process, so participate and enjoy yourself. If games don’t sound fun, you haven’t had enough to drink.

  1. Thou Shall Not Leave Early

You committed to being there, so be there! Your friends are counting on you while pregaming and at the best Scottsdale clubs later on. Nobody likes a fair-weather bro.

  1. Thou Shall Not Fall Asleep

You have all week to sleep. Saturday is for the boys. Sneak naps in at work under your desk. Sleep in the Uber ride over. Whatever it takes. But when you’re pregaming: Just. Never. Fall. Asleep!

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